Racoon Hair Extension


Why use Racoon International Hair Extensions?

Racoon International hair extensions will give you instant texture, volume, style and length without the need for chemicals and patch testing. You can instantly achieve and maintain the look that you want.

How Discreet Are Racoon Extensions?

Racoon International banded hair extensions are discreet and translucent to blend in perfectly with your hair colour. With bands no larger than a grain of uncooked rice, the formula is quick to apply and simple to remove leaving no trace.

How Discreet Are Racoon International Micro Wefts?

The Racoon International Micro Wefts are much smaller than other wefts. This means that you can wear your hair up or down and nobody will know that you have hair extensions.

How Can Hair Extensions Help Me?

Racoon International hair extensions can help you achieve long and lustrous hair. Fine and thinning hair will be transformed into hair with volume and style. By introducing colour, high lights and low lights, stunning texture and depth can be added.

Will Glue Be Applied To My Hair?

We will use a gentle translucent bond or virtually invisible Micro Wefts. Either solution have been scientifically proven not to damage your hair.

Do Hair Extensions Damage My Hair?

Some Hair Extensions will seriously damage your hair. Racoon International have developed a system that is scientifically proven (by an independent trichologist) not to. As Racoon-certified experts we are able to produce a high quality service and help you with the after care guidelines to keep your hair in great condition.

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